1. ChocoDev

    HealMeUp v1.0

    What is HealMeUp? HealMeUp is a plugin that allow you to edit the delay, start, and quantity of the healing process in Minecraft after PVP. Configuration The HealMeUp configuration is really simple, it consists in 3 options: Start: Time the player have to wait before starting to regenerate...
  2. DarkBoomba

    NEW | Rank Up GUI | DeluxeMenus Rank Up v2.0

    🌟🚀 Elevate Your Server with Rank Up GUI! 🚀🌟 Introducing a DeluxeMenus configuration file that seamlessly integrates a 🔥 Rank Up GUI 🔥 into your server! With pre-configured settings featuring 9 majestic ranks and rewards, this file is the ultimate tool for enchanting player experience. Customize...
  3. King95

    How to fix ?

    Hellow boys how to fix this [DeluxeMenus] Error in requirement javascript syntax - %vault_eco_balance% >= 10000
  4. B

    FastPot (Anti-potlag) [1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10] v2.0

    This plugin fixes splash health potion lag or "potlag." Features: - lightweight - cross-version (1.7 - 1.10) - designed for potion PvP servers (practice and HCF) - no permissions Video:
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