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  1. acaBsito

    BEDWARS SETUP | Multiple Modes | EN/ES v5.13 Rebuild

    Selector | Cosmetics | Player Hide | Ranks | DeliveryMan and More (🇪🇸) For the language in Spanish, contact me by discord. Test server: (1.8 - 1.19) 1 GB RAM (Español) (Español) Anti download maps Unique lobby constructions. Enter...
  2. Fede1132

    DeliveryMan 1.8-1.16.1 FabledSkyblock/DiscordSRV support MySQL & Cross-Server support 2.2.2

    DeliveryMan is a simple, intuitive and Hypixel style reward plugin. FULL PlaceholderAPI! (Optional) MySQL Support Cross-Server Support Supports infinite amount of time. Can be used with VIPs. (You can set your own permission in configs) One time claim support (Can be claimed only 1 time)...
  3. MovingDev

    RewardPro | Daily Rewards & Rank Reward & Delivery Man 4.4.4

    TestServer: Daily Reward: The player different rewards on a daily join streak. You can fully customize the Presentman reward menu. Citizens support Customizable messages PlaceholderAPI support Customize for every reward, the cooldown individually You can use color codes...
  4. S

    Delivery Man - Hypixel

    Hello, I have developed a Delivery Man Plugin same as Hypixel Delivery Man. If you are interested to buy it! Please pm me, and I will able to send you the proof on the PM's. $10-$15. Thanks,
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