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  1. R

    Rankup Config v1.0

    [+] 10 Custom Ranks added from deluxemenus and luckperms [+] Supporting 1.19 version [+] Rank upgrade option [+] Player xp level and money checker option [+] You can see your rank level [+] You can add or edit sounds. [+] 99% customizable. [+] Vault support. [+] Luckperms support. [+]...
  2. TripleZone

    Quantity Addon v1.2

    Don't buy it if you don't own Deluxe Tebex, because you will not receive the addon. Allows you to group your products in a nicer way.
  3. TripleZone

    Deluxe Tebex Theme v4.9 STABLE

    Trusted by And many more...
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