deluxetags setup


    DeluxeTags Config - 37 Tags v1.0

    Please do NOT use the review section for support. Message me on here or on Discord - my username is deveroonie
  2. vosiekip

    DeluxeTags Config | 21 Tags v1.3

    What are Deluxetags? Deluxetags empowers players by offering a customizable identity, allowing them to stand out on the server. What is this resources? A custom configuration for the Deluxetags plugin. The configuration contains a collection of 21 tags, and a custom store menu. Why...
  3. L

    DeluxeTagsConfig 37 Tags v6.0

    Premade Deluxetag config 37 cool tags used in my minecraft server name LAWORLD.season 6 Milestones. Download for free
  4. FlopaVision

    Deluxe Tags/Menus| Configuration v1.0

    A clean UI design! 3 Custom Menus +40 Custom Tags! Adaptive GUI design, changes on clicks! DeluxeTags configuration included! Unlimited Support included! Discord: FlopaVision!#7728
  5. Sideliner

    DeluxeTags Configuration | 100+ Customized Tags | Unique Designs v1.2.0

    This configuration for DeluxeTags adds over 100 unique tags that are great for adding a little color to your Minecraft server! Tag Preview: Features: - 101 Unique Tags - 101 Unique Tag Descriptions - Custom Placeholder Tag - Tags for all months - Tags alphabetically...
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