1. Levitate

    Levitate's DeluxeTags Configuration v1.0.0

    Overview: This DeluxeTags configuration includes a well thought out list of tags to fit your server's needs, all the tags are made to look clean and modern, with RGB/Hex color codes on everything and a stunning custom font. Installation: Go to your DeluxeTags folder and replace the config.yml...
  2. vosiekip

    DeluxeTags Config | 21 Tags v1.3

    What are Deluxetags? Deluxetags empowers players by offering a customizable in-game identity, allowing them to stand out on the server. This feature enhances individual expression and fosters a more engaging and diverse community. What is this resources? The configuration boasts an...
  3. Trippyn

    Tags GUI | Free 10+ | Deluxe-Menu/Tags v1.1

    This is CONFIGURATION not a PLUGIN This configuration is made in DeluxeMenus. It contains 12 Tags. Only if u have correct permission you are able to have unlocked tag. Easy installation Made on version 1.20 Great addon for your server Hex colors supported In future more Tags are comming...
  4. AmrGamerYT

    selling my resources rights

    hello everyone :D I have the following resources and i want resell rights cuz i have no time for minecraft anymore (all resources are configs) SkyBlock: DeluxeTags...
  5. ArrowTan

    Deluxetags 190 Tags | Ph4ntom edition v1.0

    190 Custom-made Bright Tags! Easily Customizable Configuration! ✦ Custom Tags ✦ Need Assistance/Support Regarding the Resource or Payment?
  6. nbsf

    Epic DeluxeTags Config 20 Amazing Tags v1.0

    Prepare to embark on an unparalleled adventure in the pixelated realm of Minecraft like never before! With our meticulously crafted Epic DeluxeTags Config, your in-game experience is about to be transformed into a magnificent odyssey of creativity, excitement, and boundless possibilities. 🌟...
  7. LoxPlayzYT

    DeluxeTags Config v1.0

    Hello! I'm LoxPlayz i'm 16 years old and i'm gonna begin making some setups / configs for plugins and servers! This is a DeluxeTags configuration with some premade tags. It has 9 tags atm. You can also let me know if you want a custom config made for only YOUR server with custom tags. Just join...
  8. karlito1501

    DeluxeTags Config - 28 Tags & Custom GUI v1.0

    This Config for DeluxeTags and DeluxeMenu, works in all versions starting from 1.16 and higher FEATURES ✓ Custom Menu ✓ Custom Messages (Menu & Tags) ✓ 28 Gradient Tags ✓ Cool SoundPlay Buttons ✓ Cool Titles ✓ EASY SETUP Video about Menu SOME PICS if you have any questions please DM me...

    DeluxeTags Config - 250 Tags v1.0


    AlonsoTags Config - 250 Tags v1.0

  11. Diekieboy

    DeluxeTags Config | New Unique Tags v1.0

  12. ChaosDev

    DeluxeTags Config | 252 Custom Font Tags v1.0

    Drag the config.yml into your /plugins/DeluxeTags folder
  13. Clipsy


    Join Clipsy Support Discord if you are interested in buying configuration! clipsy404 (Personal Discord)
  14. Zalbus

    PREMIUM DeluxeTags Config | 36 Tags v1.0

    PREMIUM DeluxeTags Config | 36+ Tags. This Config brings currently 36 Tags into the Game in a MONOUPPER Font. The Tags have some features to them (design wise). Features ✔ Hexcolor Tags ✔ Full Color Tags ✔ Dark Border Tags ✔ Gradient Tags ✔ Small changes to Messages ✔ Small changes to Tags GUI...
  15. ItzFabb

    Deluxe Tags v0.3

  16. NitroSetups

    DeluxeTags Configuration v2.2.0

    Are you looking for the perfect tags config which stands out? Look no further! This tags config includes +100 beautiful custom graphics tags which are fun and appeal to your playerbase. Read through this resource and view the demo video to learn more. Below are all the features included with...
  17. FlopaVision

    Deluxe Tags/Menus| Configuration v1.0

    A clean UI design! 3 Custom Menus +40 Custom Tags! Adaptive GUI design, changes on clicks! DeluxeTags configuration included! Unlimited Support included! Discord: FlopaVision!#7728
  18. NitroSetups

    Nations Deluxetags Config - 150 Nations v2.1.0

    Tags are a fun way for players to express themselves, and with the Nations Tags Pack, players can equip a tag of 150+ different nations in the world. If you have an earth server, you can not avoid this package! This package is a complete configuration for the plugin DeluxeTags. Below are all...
  19. Swoochy_

    Configuration | DeluxeTags v0.1

    THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN, THIS IS A CONFIGURATION "Premium quality configuration" INFORMATION • 54 Tags • 5 Categories • EULA Friendly • Clean, Modern look for easy navigation • Per permission and bundle permission tags • Players see Barrier if no permission to use • Updates Frequently TAG...
  20. IcyIsADev

    DeluxeTags - 126 Tags Configuation v3.2

    Welcome To DeluxeTags - 100+ Tags Configuation Here is 100+ Custom and Fancy Tags. They are also very easy to configure. Here you will also see message.yml as it will contain a custom message config! Why a custom message config? Well it will be great as it will make sure your sever looks fancy...
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