1. K

    Cosmic Prisons Plugin

    Hello, I'm looking for a developer to help us make a full Cosmic Prisons test server, preferably have some experience with the server cosmic prisons but I am okay tying up a document laying everything out. Am also looking to have a custom Minecraft client made (similar again to cosmic client)...
  2. diocane69

    I'm looking for an Italian developer

    I'm looking for an Italian developer for my server if anyone is interested write me on ds: Jacooo # 6469
  3. C

    New Upcoming server|Looking for staff/Members

    A little bit about my self I'm 20 years old and i've been waiting to get my server up for a few years now but i ran into life problems now that's all sorted i'm looking for a new team to help out and create one amazing server i've got my own vps and still upgrading it so won't have any...
  4. RoyalQTR

    Help prison server

    Hi there my name is Hamad Owner of AshGateMC Our server is currently under development we are currently looking for someone that can check if the prison runs. Testing everything by that I mean I need someone that will play on the server and see if it works. Thank you Regards Hamad
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