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  1. mazenmoaz919

    💥Cheap & professional 💥 , Custom Discord Bot with your custom specifications

    Hello there! I'm a backend developer specializing in Discord bots for over 3 years. I can assist you in bringing your project to life with competitive pricing and high quality. I've developed several well-known Discord.js bots: Glarbot in 2000 servers (currently unavailable due to client...
  2. Emory H.

    🚀⭐️NEW! 90% OFF all monthly orders on us! Starting at $.19/GB! Offer ending soon!😀🥳

    🌐 Attention BuiltByBit Members! Exclusive Hosting Deal Inside! 🚀 Exciting news from BilligerHost awaits you! 🎉 For a limited time, enjoy an unprecedented 90% OFF on all monthly orders using code "CYBER" at checkout. 🔥 Elevate your forum experience with top-notch hosting services at an...
  3. LeaderOS

    LeaderOS Discord Bot v1.0

    Allow players to link their accounts and roles, login with Discord account, and reply support tickets on your Discord server. It's completely Open Source! Source Code https://github.com/leaderos-net/leaderos-discord-bot Features Role Sync: Syncs the roles of your users with your Discord...
  4. iMikey

    🎗️ BOT DEV 🎗️ FAST & AFFORDABLE 🎗️ [0/3] 50% OFF

    Hello, I'm here to offer my services as a Discord bot developer. Experiences: 6+ Years Discord.js 3+ Years Mongoose 4+ Years PostgreSQL & MySQL 1+ Year Prisma ORM 4+ Years TypeScript Please if you are looking for a quote or fair pricing do list everything you want preferably on a doc page or...
  5. artaman

    Lary Bot | Discord Server Bot v1.0

    Features Welcome/Goodbye message Ticket System (Help, Ban Application, Complaints, Application, Suggestions) Transcripts You can can change anything you want on this product (Starting with Bot name - finally with Button Name) :) after purchase you will get full working source code! **a better...
  6. Aidaan

    [$5.99] PyroUtilities | The only support bot you'll ever need

  7. Aidaan

    PyroUtilities | A All-in-One Solution v1.0.0

  8. Nacht

    Zephyr License Bot v1.0.0

    Documentation: https://docs.omegastudios.site Support Server: https://discord.gg/4BAZN4vTQA IMPORTANT You need to claim your license key on our discord server in order to start the bot.
  9. Premier Studios

    Premier Studios | #1 Service Team

  10. GGGEDR

    SimpleFAQPlus - Automatic FAQ v1.0

  11. Texxyy

    ☄️Aurora Discord Bot Development ☄️ Cheap services | Great quality

    Cheap Discord Bot Development Need a developer for your next bot project? Aurora Development creates stunning Discord bots that work around your budget. We specialize in Python and Java, and have worked on numerous projects to help meet your needs! From giveaways, full economy support, and...
  12. Bammer.

    🚀 POLYGONCLOUD.NET ⚡ RYZEN 9 & DDR5 ⚡ WEB, VPS, GAME HOSTING ⚡From 4.99$/per month

    POLYGONCLOUD.NET Our offers: Web hosting Cloud hosting (Vps Linux & Windows) Game hosting (Garry's Mod, Minecraft, FiveM...) Reviews: Website - PolygonCloud.net Discord - discord.polygoncloud.net A free trial is available on our discord !
  13. Nacht

    Authentify v1.0.1

    Authentify Overview: Functionality: When a user joins your server, they can click on the verify button from the verification panel that you set and after they're verifying they could get access to your server. If a user is already verified, the bot prevents them from re-verifying themselves...
  14. EviLDeEdZ

    ⚡Cynthius Studios⚡Minecraft Server Setups・Discord Server + Bot Setups

    To Apply or Order Minecraft Server Setups / Discord Server + Bot Setups join Discord.
  15. EviLDeEdZ

    ⚡Cynthius Studios⚡Professional Discord Bot Development・Highly Optimized

    To Apply or Order Discord Bot Development join our Discord.
  16. MichielArkema

    🔥 Want your own unique discord bot?

    Are You Tired Of Having A Discord Server That's The Same As All The Others? How To Get Your Own Professional & Unique Discord Bot (In As Little As 7 Days) Without Writing A Single Line Of Code Yourself! From: Michiel Arkema Date: 16 October 2023 —— Dear Discord server owner, Do you want...
  17. Cyber_24

    [ German Hoster ] - Auroa Online | Cloud Hosting

    Hey customers I'm Martin , the owner of Auroa Online (https://auroa.cloud/). Our servers are located in Germany, at MyLoc in Düsseldorf and Maincubes in Frankfurt. We rely on Intel Xeons of the v4 series, and in the near future on AMD Epycs of the gen 4 series. Our servers are monitored...
  18. K

    Economy System Discord Bot v1.0

    Economy discord bot with a lot of functions like withdraw, deposit, crime, work, pay, balance, admin control commands. Bot has configuration files which you can configure your own currency, cooldowns, info msg, and admin access role. Bot working on mongodb so you need to create before bot get to...
  19. VortexCompany

    Discord - TempChannels with panel v1.0

    If you have any problems with the bot, please contact me before leaving a review! What do you receive after purchase? A bot that you can edit via config A license that can be run on 3 IP addresses Bot hosting is not included in the price! Have you bought a bot but don't have a license...
  20. xb3n6e

    FadedVerify v1.0.6-SNAPSHOT

    FadedVerify Discord Bot Overview: Functionality: When a user enters the command "/verify" in a channel and is not yet verified, the bot sends them a private message containing a link to initiate the verification process. If a user is already verified, the bot prevents them from re-verifying...
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