1. ShadowCorp

    Activity Leaderboard | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Easy and Simple Division Activity Leaderboard This system is a group activity leaderboard that displays and ranks each group based on the playing time of each player. This system promotes individual group activity by ranking them based on playing time. This doesn't have to use for Star Wars...
  2. Patik

    Overhead UI v1.0

    • VIP, KOS, and CLR commands • Commands can be only accessed by a certain team • Custom insignia's for each group ID • Divsion icon • Main group + rank • Easily customizable and configurable • High quality
  3. Bismarck

    Household Division Cap and Beret Pack v1.0

    Details The Household Division forms a part of the British Army’s London District and is made up of five regiments of foot guards and two Household Cavalry regiments. The division is responsible for performing public duties and state ceremonies. These are PBR-designed berets and caps with high...
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