1. Djorr

    GappleStorage v1.4

    GappleStorage ia a plugin that can be added to your 1.7-1.20.4 Minecraft server to allow players to have a maximum of golden or god apples in their inventory and the rest will be stored in their golden apple storage. Using GappleStorage is simple, players can access their gapple storage by...
  2. Pwo

    GG Wave v1.0

    Introducing GG Waves, the ultimate plugin that can add a whole new level of excitement and fun to your server! With GG Waves, you can create a unique and colorful experience for your players that they won't find anywhere else. When you start a GG wave, players will be encouraged to send...
  3. Djorr

    RankedEnderchests v1.4.3

    Ranked Enderchests is a plugin that can be added to your 1.7-1.20.4 Minecraft server to allow you to customize the size of players their enderchest. Unlike the standard enderchest, which has a fixed size, you choose how many slots a player has in their enderchest using permissions. This means...
  4. Y


    Hello there, Horizonic is a brand new Minecraft Server that is searching for a supporter and a staff. Currently, it's non-paid work for the staff positions. Horizonic is a massive upcoming project focusing on Survival RPG that lets players have a fun and enjoyable time on the server. Here, let...
  5. Brennon


    Welcome This is a cannon server setup focused on adding the best user experience possible. The setup contains no premium plugins so you can put money towards different features that your server may need. Price: 10.00$ USD (+ paypal fees, usually 10-60 cents | Purchse...
  6. n8ful


    A professionally-made DeluxeMenu Prison Warp GUI that includes 26 Mines, A-Z, and 5 Donator Mines. Based off of the players permissions, they will have access to a mine, and the said mine will show up green. All mines that the player does not have permission to teleport to appear red. If a...
  7. Sagacious

    ChatColorGUI v1.0

    ChatColorGUI is a simplistic donator plugin allowing your players to choose in a chatcolor of their liking, this plugin also includes the possibility to blacklist colors from being distributed which is helpful if you have a specific staff member chatcolor or you don't want the bold, magic...
  8. Thommie

    NameTagEdit Configuration pack | Custom made | High Quality | By Thommie v1.0

    NameTagEdit Configuration Pack There are multiple categories with tags that you will get by purchasing this resource. There is only one categorie for the staff and all the other categories will be for donator ranks or just ranks you can achieve ingame. All Configurations preview All the...
  9. R


    - = + - = - LamaPvP - = + = - Hello. The server LamaPvP is a cracked factions server for now. We are planning to expand the server to a network once we get a solid playerbase ( Current 120+ On Discord ). We have most of the things setup, now we only need people who are willing to donate. When...
  10. Random293

    INFINITE CHESTS- Highly Configurable - Excellent donator perk OR General utility! (HOPPER UPDATE) v0.3

    This plugin adds chests (or any block defined for that matter!) as an infinite storage block, behaving in the same way as a chest, except, with, as you guessed, and infinite amount of storage. (Or the amount configured) (The config file) This plugin is a great new item to add into your...
  11. rocky1

    Professional PvP Setup | 5.99 $ 21 Kits Treasures Crates Auctions Tags [40% SALE] v3.0

    _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Hi there, Welcome <3 ! Hope you will like the setup. :) _______________________________________________________________...
  12. I

    Online donator [1-5$]

    Hi, can anyone do an Online donator plugin? my idea that users with% rank% appear in the chat every so often, like every 60 sec. like the announce plugin, but this time they appear as: Online Platinium: Robert, blah blah
  13. InfiniteMC

    NightVision Command Good Donator Perk v1.0

    Allows players with the permission nv.toggle to use the /nv command which permanently activates night vision for the player, it even remains active when they rejoin. Night vision is very useful to players, whether they are mining in the dark, or just building in a low light area. This is an...
  14. DarkNosS96

    8 Premade kits for donators / Ranks Faction [FREE] v1.1

    Hello, i made few kits for my Faction server and i want to share them with others. You can support me by donate me.
  15. CDFLPrison

    Server needs builders/staff

    Today,I have started to work on my own Factions server. Me and my friend are doing everything for the plugins,but neither of us are good at building,so I need a few builders to possible make us a spawn for a faction server. I know this doesnt look fancy :) its just a simple request for someone...
  16. Alagesia

    [FREE] EssentialsChat + DeluxeTags Configuration v1

    Hello there, I decided to throw out a quick EssentialsChat + DeluxeTags Configuration. It is a simple configuration I made out for a project that discontinued in the middle of preparation. Ranks: - Player - Pleb - Supporter - Moderator, Administrator, Owner (Staff) - Hero, Champion, Lord/Lady...
  17. victor3d

    MinecraftMarket Vs. BuyCraft?

    Hey, i'm in the process of making my server and have come to the point where i need the donating system setup. So which webshop would be best in the long run considering MinecraftMarkets cheapness and BuyCrafts oppetuneties.
  18. Maxigen

    // InnovatePrison // OG Prison //

    Hello there! As of this day, there are not many Classic OG Prison servers out there, I've searched for hours, not a single one non-op well made Prison server. We are having stuff such as, quests, challenges, prestiges, non-op gear, drop parties, cool donator perks, rare items, cells, signshops...
  19. GeneralMayhem19

    3$ Build - Donator Lounge

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! We need a donator lounge that will be used server wide. Please make it at least 35x35, along with a medieval theme.
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