1. PixelMine

    Potion Pack Graphics v1.0

    100 Potion Items Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  2. Sir_Craftypants

    230 Food and Produce Pack for Itemsadder v2.8

    230 Food and Produce, a wide variety with countless recipes, farm and pick your produce, cook and craft your Food and Beverages. Multiple new Fruits and Vegetables, around 50 Drinks that work with Itemsadders Thirst Bar. Want to open your own Fast Food Restaurant, work your farm even more...
  3. ReflexShow

    [ FREE! ] ⭐ theBartender | Potions Drinks Bartender, Fully Customize! [1.8.x-1.16.x]

  4. TRSoftware

    GambleBarPro | Perfect Gambling Solution v2.0.6

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