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  1. IonHeavy

    Acota Life | Bidding | CityLife Server | 3D Models

    Acota Life opened in 2019 and shut down for a year it was brought back months ago and in that period gained 148 discord users and made over 500$ CAD in revenue. It has a fully built website discord and server. It lost traction lately because of no time to run it but all of its members are still...
  2. ProIEZRush


    Support Discord: This plugin its a card game, but in minecraft! How to play? There will be 3 types of teams: drug (seller), police and innocents. If you are drug, you need to shift to all innocent people so they can view you, but be careful with the police!. If you...
  3. D

    The Drug Nation ; Staff & Players

    What is DrugNation? DrugNation is a 1.12.2 drug factions economy server. Currently, in the development stage, DN has recently launched the closed beta and are looking to release very soon! We're looking for potential players when the full release of the server comes out as well as beta testers...
  4. Artfcl_Intlgnce

    NarcoWars, your new addiction- now open to Public. HIRING MANAGERS, DEVS, POLICE & OTHER STAFF!

    Fellow Minecrafters... Welcome to your new addiction. We are proud to announce the Public Beta Launch of NarcoWars [Recoded], the most modernized and realistic role-play factions environment around today. Our staff has spent thousands of hours (and dollars) to make this network the most engaging...
  5. lastreload

    Customized Drug Server with Player Base

    PotCraft ( PotCraft is a partially custom coded and fully configured Drug Server that attracts an older, mature, and heavy donating player base. Our spawn and builds are all completely customized as well as our custom plugin that runs extremely unique elements of our server...
  6. Brendo

    Drug server domain

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to get rid of my old servers domain: Its hosted with GoDaddy and has atleast another 9+ months left! Its up for BIN or BID BIN: $5 USD STARTING BID: $1 USD BID INCREMENT: $1 USD Proof: Thanks for viewing! Have a...
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