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dungeon plugin

  1. Honey

    Zyphior - Requesting Plugin Developer

    Good afternoon! Today I am in search of a qualified plugin developer to code the following plugins: Custom Leveling System Custom Token System Custom PVP System BUDGET: $50 - $500 per plugin TIME REQUESTING: 2-4 weeks Pay will be 50% upfront and the rest once the plugin has been tested...
  2. PortalZ

    PortalZ needs developers/builders we make custom mobs and dungeons!

    Hello, people from the internet. I am one of the owners and creators of PortalZ. we are working on a cool concept of a mincraft server we are creating a towny with a story between 2 brothers of dark and light we wanna drag this server into a story we creating mobs items and dungeons. we are...
  3. Pirate_Ship

    Developing a unique gamemode. Looking for network trying to expand their gamemodes.

    Title says it basically, I'm currently developing this unique gamemode idea for a server and I'm looking for a network to pick it up. A brief explanation of the gamemode is that it is a dungeon crawling experience. There is one world that has dungeons generated into it, you are allowed to break...
  4. TheFlamerNation

    Looking for a Dungeons plugin (Like cosmicpvp)

    Currently working on a server with 2 other owners and we have been looking into what to add and many players have been suggestions a dungeon plugin. This will include pay. We currently have a google document of what we want for the plugin. Add me on discord if you'd like to do this for us...
  5. IzzyK

    ⭐ UltraPlugin ⭐ Custom Magic | Multiplayer Quests | NPC Traits | Shop Plugin | Chat Plugin | More!!

    Link to the resource
  6. Mr_LucZeb

    Dungeon plugin

    Hey, I'm Lucas and I need a dungeon plugin within 45 hours and my budget is around the 5$ or a little bit higher. I will give the information and if you would like to make this plugin for me you could add me on skype or send me a pm. Contact info: Skype: MC-Market: Mr_LucZeb
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