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  1. saints

    I will do video editing for you

    Hi, I am a video editor, and If you require a video editor message me in discord: saintsos Prices will be according to the edit. I can edit reels and gaming videos Add me in discord if you're interested. discord: saintsos
  2. Minnox

    Minnox's Video Editing | 6+ Years Experience | Edited for Several Content Creators

    I'm offering high quality video editing services. If you would like to see my past work, see my resume/portfolio If you'd like to order from me, join my discord discord.gg/uyNZWzG4vP and make a ticket and I'll respond very quickly!
  3. Janneci

    YouTube Video Editing

    Looking for someone to edit YouTube videos on a consistent basis. Style & type of content would be similar to this video: Budget would be dependent upon quality but willing to pay upwards of $40-80 per video at this current time. Looking for an individual who will be available with somewhat...
  4. NotAnder

    Video Editing for YouTube!

    Hello Everyone! I am in need of some cash, so I am offering to do editing services for everyone! My service prices are below: Base Prices: ~ Regular Videos: $5/5m ~ Upgrades: ~ Priority Queue: $3 ~ ~ More Effects: $2/5m (Regular Videos) ~ ~ Captions: $1/m/p ~ I have been editing since the...
  5. L

    Experienced Editors!

    Hi! I have a group called "Editors Glory" where people can request a video edit of any kind and the support team will find someone in the staff chat that can do the job, the person requesting the edit will pay you, none of us pay you just the people you do the work for. If you are looking for...
  6. T

    Editing Service For Free!

    My name is threazy and I have been editing for 4+ years. I have a lot of experience with After Effects and Sony Vegas. I am willing to do trailers, advertisements, montages, etc. And yes currently I am willing to do some for free! If interested please dm me on twitter. Twitter: @threazy23
  7. MasterNeb

    Video Editing Service (Cheap)

    Hi. I currently offer cheap editing services. I am doing this so I can grow my portfolio. Here is my current portfolio. They are mostly just projects for my school and my personal drone footages. If you need a short video made PM me on discord. Devvie#2857
  8. AquatiqYT

    ✰ Aquatiq's Shop | Montages, Editing, Thumbnails ✰

  9. AquatiqYT

    Youtube video/montage Editing Store | High Quality | $10