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egg wars

  1. L

    My Mini Games Server

    Hey all, I am looking to sell my mini game server. It is 1.8-1.16, and is up for sale. The mini games that are included: > Skyblock > Skywars > Egg Wars > Survival Games > Survival > KitPVP For this network of servers, I am putting it at $90, however I am willing to go higher, or lower...
  2. Crazy Store

    Sponge Bob Map /SkyWars/EggWars/TeamSkywars/Price [2.50] Now [1.99] 2017-08-17

    ⚔Sponge Bob Map⚔ °Map built with a lot of effort, I hope you like it and can buy it °You can add chests or generators I can guarantee you that this spawn doesn't drop your fps down ° You may modify everything you want °Skype: Max R15 or [email protected]
  3. Full_Metal_Foxx

    Free Space Themed Bedwars Map 1.1

    Asteriods Bedwars/Eggwars Mini-Game Map Features: Designed for 4v4v4v4 (16 players). No unfair advantages. Versatile environment for better PvP. Includes areas for Iron and Gold generators on all islands with the villager shops. Includes 4 Diamond islands. Includes 4 Emerald generators on...
  4. ThaMango

    6 EggWars Maps Pack v1.1

    6 Eggwars Maps! ⭐️ NOTE: The file will come with 6 world folders containing each Map, the maps are at the cords x=0 z=0 Maps: For more high-quality builds like this one, visit our site! © AspireBuilds - Your Premium Source to buy Minecraft Builds
  5. Dark-Affect

    Free Egg wars (map)

    PCM > MC MARKET > Map >
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