1. OrnationTeam

    BoxPvP 4 - Winter Edition - Premium Map v1.0

    When you buy this map, you will gain access to a great quality starting place where you can place countless NPCs (~60) and many types of chests and other interesting items. In addition, you will get a PvP zone where you can place generators for digging, as well as a special safe mining zone...
  2. iAmForyyDev_

    Shulker Rooms v1.2.3

    This resource was created to be used on ElytraBox or other types of servers. Users will be able to generate a room where they can place blocks (for example: Shulkers) and store all their elements and then return to the spawn point. The plugin supports MiniMessage format! Available versions...
  3. iditity

    BoxPvP Map - Demons Theme | 200x200 v1.0

    BoxPvP Map - Demon Theme❄️ PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Boxpvp/Elytravp map ∎ Recomended Versions: 1.13-1.20+ ❄️ Demon Theme ❄️ ⛏ It has mineral mines 💎 4 Vip Mines 💱 Trading Area 📦Crates Area 🏆 Koth ⛏ Starter Mine EXTRA INFORMATION ✅Discord Support ✅Schematic File ✅If you use another type of file...
  4. iditity

    Free | BoxPvP Map - Winter Theme v1.0

    BoxPvP Map - Winter Theme❄️ PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Boxpvp/Elytravp map ∎ Recomended Versions: 1.18-1.19+ ❄️ Winter Theme ❄️ ⛏ It has mineral mines 💎 Vip Mines 💱 Trading Area ☄ Portal Areas 📦Crates Area 🏆 Koth (In the Tree Center) ⛏ Starter Mine ⛏🗡 And 4 areas where you can add tradeable armor...
  5. TheRanita m

    BoxPvP TryHard Setup | ES 0

    BOXPVP TRYHARD SETUP 20 MINES | CUSTOMS ARMORS | CUSTOMS SWORDS AND CUSTOMS TOOLS | COMPRESS COIN | GEYSER SUPPORT DISCORD SUPPORT https://discord.gg/wW6NDE5xVq 1.18.2 MAIN VERSION You can log in from 1.18.x Using Via Version. To start the Setup you must use Java 17. CHARACTERISTICS...
  6. PremadeSetups


    boxpvp.premadesetups.com https://discord.premadesetups.com
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