1. Dante de Panda

    Paying For You To Generate an EWG/ENG World

    Hi there I'm paying $5 USD for you to just go into a 1.15.2 server. Type /mv create <world name> nether with both EpicWorldGenerator installed and EpicNetherGenerator. If you have both of these plugins please contact me on discord it's basically $5 for around 1 minute of your time. Discord...
  2. TeamDashCrafted

    [URGENT] Requesting an overhaul to the dimensions via Generation Plugins!

    Hello! This will be a paid commission, but you must list your quote, and send your discord below this thread. Some background: I am running a private 1.16.1 SMP Event for a few semi-popular youtubers. In this event we are running with a custom resource pack in order to provide a modded...
  3. Z

    RETAIL SMP [Open] Looking for members! Big Youtuber SMP [1.12.2]

    Hello everyone, I'm Zuffy! The Owner of a YouTuber SMP called Retail. This SMP is run by Myself & ConnectedMaster. We have been running for over 1 year, and are currently just about to release applications for our 3rd season. We are looking for new members and our applications are currently...
  4. HexedHero

    Islands World - EWG/OTG Config or Pre-Gen'ed

    Hey guys, I'm looking for at least 10k x 10k world that is a load of different biomes that are islands, a biome for each island. I need this either a EWG v7 or a OTG config or just a pre-built gen'ed world, needs to be a 1.12.2 world. PM me on here!
  5. SnazzyApples

    Epic World Generator Config - Factions Servers

    Hey everyone I am requesting a pre-made epic world generator config for factions servers. I just need it to be for the overworld. Some key features I am looking for is: - no ocean biomes - no river biomes - no mountains or high hills - i want it to be a little hilly but mostly flat land with...
  6. Skrubzy


    Delete thread please
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