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essentials messages

  1. Revenant.exe

    ESSENTIALSX CONFIG | Clean Design 1.1

    ϟ [x16] COLORS - Variety of colors to choose from. ϟ CLEAN DESIGN - Cute design and very pleasing to the eye. You are not allowed to resell this product. It also applies to other products of my authorship. You are not allowed to claim this product as your own in any case. All purchases...
  2. oNetflix

    ✅HQ⚡EssentialsX Config - best on MCM!☄️50+ Styles☄️Custom Config & Messages ⚡Custom Chat ✅

    ⚡ HIGHLY QUALITY ESSENTIALSX CONFIGS ⚡ INTRODUCTION This resource provides you an high quality EssentialsX configuration with custom messages, settings, chat formatting, punishment designs and premade kits for your donator ranks. It's the perfect resource for a clean and professional server...
  3. thecastledking

    5 IN ONE! ULTIMATE ESSENTIALS SETUP 11 Themes | 8 Groups | Kits | Custom Help | Configuration 1.0

    • 11 Professional Themes/Styles to choose from for messages! • Pre-made staff and donor groups with complete permissions in Luck Perms! • Completely configured with regular expressions for bad nicknames, chat formatting and new player setups! • Comes with a custom help text with general...
  4. Shamus

    6x Essentials Custom Messages 1

    Keep your server looking fresh with 6x different and simple themed essentials messages, drop and drag to install. Requirements: The latest version of essentials x Installation: 1. Download 2. Unzip 3. Drop the chosen file in the Essentials folder 4. ./ess reload 5. Done All files were created...
  5. Spensar


    I've created this resource which is a very neat, well put together and highly functional EssentialsX config with different mixed colors for all different types of servers. If you guys have any suggestions for this configuration, or want to suggestion something let me know. Hope you guys enjoy...
  6. Rocket Designs

    ✬ Fancy's Config Shop ✬ ✬Featherboard, ShopGUI+, Essentials Messages✬

    Fancy's Config Shop About The shop: - We offer configs for featherboard, ShopGUI+, and custom essentials messages - Cheap and clean configs - Any color codes - Any message - no errors - Quick with getting done - Reliable Prices: - Featherboard: $2-3 (Can Negotiate) - ShopGUI+: $1-2...
  7. Halli

    Essentials Messages | Any colour you want | $1

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am selling an Essentials Messages file (currently purple) for $1 only! If you wish to change the colour I can do that for you! I made this to spare you all the time to go through all the...
  8. Landon


    ESSENTIALS CUSTOM MESSAGES 7 Different Color Options What Color Options are There? 1. White w/ Cyan Variable 2. White w/ Dark Blue variable 3. White w/ Gold variable 4. White w/ Light Red variable 5. White w/ Lime Green variable 6. White w/ Purple variable 7. White w/ Yellow variable...
  9. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups Custom Essentials Messages 5 Colors | 2.2

    Though essentials is relatively simple and easy to setup and install, configurable messages can be way more time consuming and hard to configure. This is why this specific resource can be very useful to you and your server(s). Not only are 5 different versions of these custom messages available...
  10. ThaMango

    [HQ] Essentials Messages! 2 Styles! v2.5

    ---[ Essentials Custom Messages ]--- Created by TheHumax_ Note: You will get the same custom messages but in all colours in the picture. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM! Style 1: Style 2:
  11. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups Litebans Messages 5 Styles | 5.1

  12. Sooverix

    ♠ Custom Essentials Messages ♠

    Hey there MCM users! Boring of the default essentials Messages? For only $1 I'll make you custom ones! If you are interested, contact me on Skype! JustLuka123_ ( Always avaible! ) Cya, Sooverix.
  13. FireFlash


    Hello. Today I am selling really cheap configurable custom essentials messages, These are really high quality custom messages and it took me some time. SHOP: (Custom Essentials Messages File) Screenshots: Broadcast: Kits, Warps, and...
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