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ewg confg

  1. SnazzyApples

    Epic World Generator Config - Factions Servers

    Hey everyone I am requesting a pre-made epic world generator config for factions servers. I just need it to be for the overworld. Some key features I am looking for is: - no ocean biomes - no river biomes - no mountains or high hills - i want it to be a little hilly but mostly flat land with...
  2. memejesus

    FeatherBoard Configuration and EpicWorldGen Configuration

    Hello Mc-Market community, I'm posting a thread today because I am In need of my feather board to be created with a factions theme and my epic world generator settings to be pre made for a more unique factions experience. If you're however interested in doing this feel free to p.m. me on the...
  3. D

    EWG Config for HCF Map

    Hi, I'm DroppedInTheSky and i bought the EpicWorldGenerator plugin and want to make a map for my HCF server, the problem is that I'm very busy and i dont have time lately. What I ask is basically the plugin settings with: - More minerals than normal - You should not have ocean - You should not...
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