1. FelixScary

    ExcellentEnchant ES | Simple Translation v1.0

    Translation of ExcellentEnchantments 1.- Buy this Item 2.- Download it 3.- Decompress the RAR 4.- Enter the ExecellentEnchants folder 5.- Replace the enchants folder to your server folder
  2. vosiekip

    ExcellentCrates PREMIUM CONFIGS / 15x v1.1

    What is Excellentcrates? This plugin adds crates to the game, it offers a lot of customization for crate previews and reward settings. Give your players an adrenalin boost when opening their valuable crates. What is this resources? A custom configuration for the Excellentcrates plugin. The...
  3. madtrent

    Excellent Crates 200+ Rewards v2.1

    Want to spice up your server by adding crates that give your players a chance to earn rewards? If so why do all the hard work? I have made it easy for you by creating a configuration for excellent crates with Animations, holograms displaying above crates, and custom previews. The crate config...
  4. NitroSetups

    ExcellentShop Configuration v1.1.3

    Need a custom UI ExcellentShop configuration? This config includes an extensive config for all the modules of ExcellentShop: Shop, Auction, Chestshop. The perfect ExcellentShop config for any 1.20 Survival, Skyblock or Lifesteal server, or any other server. Watch our demo video below. This...
  5. MineVN

    EnchantSlots v1.3.5

    Getting tired of boring minecraft enchantments lores? Lazy making it manually and hide-enchantments? Well, this is a solution for you. This plugin will bring a new wind to your minecraft experience. Adding custom lore to your enchanted items Multiple plugin support: Vanila Minecraft Advanced...
  6. maojr71

    Excellent Crates Configuration ES-ENG v1.0

    Donation link: https://www.paypal.me/AndresMauricio394 Un Producto de: maojr71
  7. ItzFabb

    Excellent Crates v0.7

    Support only given via Private Message only.
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