exclusive factions spawn

  1. Asodey

    ❅ High Quality Winter Themed Factions Spawn [151x151] [Exclusive] ❅

    Sooooo, winter is coming pretty soon, I have decided to list this spawn I made for sale. It includes the following: • 16 Pre-made spots for NPCs. • 4 Pre-made crates. • A lot of space for infoboards, holograms etc. Starting Bid: $5 Bid increment: $3 BIN: $35 Bidding ends at the 10th of May 2020.
  2. Asodey

    Exclusive Factions Spawn

    I bought this when I wanted to make my factions server last year and I basically never released it because school was goin insane.. It is exclusive, comes with re-sell rights. Starting Bid: $1 BIN: $15 It has crates, farm, enchanting and place for info down, as well as a lot of other space...
  3. ClockPvP

    Small Factions Spawn - BIN 25$ [Exclusive]

    Hello MC-Market, today I am going to be selling this Exclusive Factions Spawn. Starting Bid - 8$ BIN - 25$ Screenshots - Proof of Building -
  4. SkylineBuilds

    75x75 Factions Spawn (Exclusive) 5$

    Offering this 75x75 spawn i have created, no rush to sell, also this is exclusive. bid increments - 1$ bin- 5$ proof of building
  5. Rean

    ♛ Exclusive ♛ Spawn (Factions/Other Gamemodes)

    Today Im Selling a Exclusive Spawn (For factions/Other gamemodes) When you buy the Spawn you will get a .RAR file With a schematic of the spawn. Price: $15 The Spawn Proof: TOS: Payments will be done with Paypal F&F If There is anything wrong you will contact me so i can help solve...
  6. Patrick3


    Hello everyone! I am selling a medium sized spawn which can be used on your faction server or survival server. Additionally, you get resell rights to this spawn. The price of this spawn can be discussed on discord. You can purchase this as a schematic or a world file. Payment is via paypal. DM...
  7. Vauhwi


    Hello MC-Market! My name is Vauhwi, I'm a passionate and creative builder. I am a retired Mineplex Builder and CreativeCraft Head-Builder. Today I present to you my Exclusive Factions Spawn, with in total the size of about 400x400. The spawn itself is about 200x200 blocks, with a Red Theme...