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experience on servers

  1. Note

    Experienced Manager/Owner | Cranked Network | 2 Years Old

    Hello, My name is Note, I am the owner of Cranked Network. I have finally managed to get rid of the previous owner "Players", however now have very little funds at all. As well as very little time until mid June due to GCSE exams. Since I won't be able to do much on the server until then, I am...
  2. ChefDesign

    Chef Designs | Fast | Professional | One Day Delivery

  3. E

    Personal Config Almost Any Plugin

    I am able to learn config for nearly any plugins and i enjoy editing configuration. I have past experience with configuration, seeing as I have run servers on my own and been hired as "Dev" on others. I can not code Java or java Script Yet, will be working on it at another time. PM me if you...
  4. Moow

    MutqusPvP | Staff Experienced!

    —————————————————Staff»Experienced——————————————————— Hello folks, Iam Moow ive been Working hard these days to find an server to record Staff series on what i love to do is helping out The server's community base's ...
  5. Destruct


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