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experienced developers

  1. GyuriX

    ••► [OPEN] GyuriX - HIGH QUALITY, EXPERIENCED plugin development services ◄••

    Are you looking for a fast, experienced and reliable developer? You have just found the right topic. I have made over 400 private plugins and over 30 public ones, of which I will list the best ones, so you can see proof of our knowledge: SpigotLib, the efficient and featureful library used...
  2. E

    Experienced Bukkit Developers for Large-Scale Server Project

    Hi there, I am making a large-scale minigame network to compete with the likes of other large servers (Mineplex, Hypixel, Hive etc.) and I am looking for developers to bring this vision to life. The projected budget for the project is flexible, considering the scale and complexity. Take into...
  3. Woukaine

    Team of development, experienced developers.

    Hello ! We work in the field for more than 5 year. Our knowledge here : You can contact team's owners via skype: woukaine or live:sam5
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