1. H

    Looking for youtuber/streamers for my faction server

    Looking for youtuber/streamers for my faction server looking for people to record full season or reupload the trailer Dm me or post you discord
  2. X

    Splitpvp Factions Server {OPEN}

    Hello I have Just open a brand new server that doesn't have a good player base and i was wouldering if you guys could help me rise it by join the server. I would be happy to help anyone who need my help we also have a few staff places left. I hope to see you join soon. Thanks IP...
  3. TediStorm421

    Factions Spawn [100x100]

    Selling 100x100 Factions spawn Images: -------- Proof, the build was built by me: --------- Price: 15$ Payment methods: Paypal/Paysafe -------- Those, that are interested, can contact me on: -skype: tedistorm123 -PM me here
  4. Dark-Affect


  5. Kibra

    Need staff (Helpers, mods, site managers)

    Hi, My name is Kibra, I made a server called Forsaken MC and we are looking for staff! We have a fully working factions server and will be expanding and becoming a network! (we are a factions server right now) Our server includes: Crates, Ranks, Mcmmo, Other additions: Disguises, Auctions...
  6. Jason Hemminger

    Players, Staff, Youtubers! Custom Coded Server.

    MC.DIMENSIONSPVP.NET is a new and growing custom coded server. We are looking for players, staff, and youtubers to come join our team, have fun, and grow with us. Our 1st server is a custom coded Factions styled server. This is no ordinary factions server though. Game play has been altered on...
  7. P

    Server Setup (cheap)

    I am doing server development and setting up servers for others I am now deciding to charge people for high quality and a final product you will enjoy. My Prices: Prison- 20£ Factions- 10-15£ Skyblock-10£ Hub - 5£ Survival- 7£ Creative- 7£ kitPvP- 10 - 15 £ What will happen: - You Tell me...
  8. D

    [CLOSED TREAD] [1.8/1.9] Galactix - Space Age Factions [+60 Enchants, +250 Items, Bosses]

    Galactix is a heavily modified space-age factions server, containing numerous of unique and not so unique features. The Core plugin consists of about 10.000 lines of code. The server has been in development for 2 months and we are finally ready to launch it. IP: mc.galactix.org Website...
  9. Synraw

    HCRaid.net | HQ Factions Server | 100% Complete | SOLD!

    > ENDS IN 30 MINS | Current bid $60, Next bid wins! < Hello! Today I am selling HCRaid, a very high quality Factions server. This sale is for server files, domain and buycraft. The server is 100% complete, meaning as soon as you get the server you could open it. The reason I haven't opened it...
  10. TypinqMS

    HCFactions Faction Size Help

    Hey i need help editing my faction size i cant find where to change it
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