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faction server for sale

  1. Omar Razgui

    GemsCraft | Factions server with custom plugins

    Discord: Orgems#5113 Hello, I'm the owner a factions server with custom economy and I'm looking forward to sell it (proof of ownership down). The server price range is $299 - $499. It has multiple cool custom features (most of them are listed down below). The server has a logo art (on top of...
  2. Omar Razgui

    thread closed (not going to sell now)

    thread closed reason: want to sell in 2 weeks Orgems#5113
  3. H

    VizaMC - Fully Setup Faction Server - Playerbase - Custom Spawn, ECT.

    Hello everyone, i would like to announce that i will be selling VizaMC! Im quitting the minecraft regular faction scene and i will be creating a Hardcore Faction server with the money i get off of this, VizaMC is a unique little server full of excitement. Viza had over $150 worth of donations...
  4. Lampbork

    Faction Server Files

    I am selling faction server files. All plugins are completely configured and I am willing to change anything you may want changed. This does not come with a world or any builds. You just need to upload the files to your server and generate a world and you will be able to open your server. It has...
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