factions build

  1. Ahmeddinhos

    Looking for Builders

    Meteorite PvP | Factions Server 1.8 We are looking for a Builders on MeteoritePvP.. Themes: Space, Fantasy, CyberPunk, WarZone.... tWe currently need a WarZone 400x400-600x600, 3 Battle Royale Maps and probably we need more in the future.. We can discuss the payment on discord. (ps. Please...
  2. cutepickle2005

    [Exclusive] 500x500 Factions Warzone Starting at 5$

    Hello everyone! I am selling this exclusive warzone because minecraft has gotten stale to me, and I do not feel like running a server anymore. Note: This warzone was built by Trooper (Trooper#8220). Since he offers resell rights for 15% of the price, I will add you as the buyer in a group with...
  3. 3atmybow

    8x8 chunk Faction base design(128x128)

    Hey guys i'm looking for a builder to build us a base design with collection for Spawner loot integrating into the design. We need: collection on 2 sides of the base (one side would be iron golems and one side being drop spawners) Must be capped at 60 blocks high Budget: Negotiable For a...
  4. E

    Selling: Huge Custom Factions Spawn

    Have you ever wanted to build a spawn but it just takes too long? No worries! I have built my own spawn and now I am willing to sell it! Price:5.00 for the spawn. Some features included are the Enchantment Area, the Crate Area, a nice PvP area, and much more! Pictures...
  5. Gokor

    50% off! | Gokor's Factions Base Building Service | (Brand New!)

    ~Gokor's Factions Base Building Service~ [Description] Hello! My name is Gokor. I have opened this shop for the players in need of a bigger, better factions base. This service is for the people who lack the time to build or expand their base and for the people who don't want to tackle the task...
  6. Official_ProBear

    HCF & Factions builds

    Hi. Im looking for 2x 768x768 custom built warzones and 1x 3000x3000 hcf World, with roads and custom Threes etc. Im also looking for a HCF spawn and a Factions spawn. HCF spawn 256x256 and Factions spawn 256x256. I dont know what themes yet, so if you have any ideas, please feel free to...
  7. RainbowPurp

    | Small Factions Spawn | Good for starting server | Cheap |

    Hello my name is rainbow and i built this small spawn recently and personally have no use for it. Its fully custom and would be great for a small or starting factions server if interested let me know. Screenshots: BIN: $12 Starting Bid: $5 Bid Increasement: $1
  8. Speedy

    0.99$ Custom factions spawn (75x75) (NEW)

    Im selling this custom factions spawn wich is 75x75, im only askin for 1$ :) the low price is because i want alot of people to have a great spawn to start with or upgrade their old one :) Please comment what spawn i should make next. here is a small picture :)...
  9. FrozenSand

    170 x 170 Quality Factions Spawn [MEDIEVAL]

    Selling a factions spawn that my build team created previously for a member on McMarket (I_Shave_My_Balls ) who soon dropped out because of a chargeback issue he had. Size is 169 x 169 to be exact. The Spawn is exclusive and if you purchase it, YOU will be the only one with the build. I'd...
  10. lavainminecraft

    Faction Spawn

    Greetings, I am hoping to buy a faction spawn consisting of a modern casino going from 250*250 to 320*320, also I would like a wasteland city warzone on the outside which will be about 150 blocks out so in total, this does also mean a market and custom trees and parking outside
  11. Badaxian

    Factions Shop $3 [Multiple Buyers]

    Hello McMarket. This is a factions shop with a main area and 4 other sections where you can place signs for the shop. I made this build myself so I have full ownership. Buyer will pay then I will send the build as a schematic or world. Terms: Please do not resell this or claim as your own. The...
  12. Badaxian

    Factions shop $3 [Multiple Buyers]

    Hello McMarket. This is a factions shop with a main area and 4 other sections where you can place signs for the shop. I made this build myself so I have full ownership. Members with good reputations will pay after i send the build. New members will pay first. Terms: Please do not resell this or...