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  1. tbhdustin

    ☃️ | Fast, Affordable, and Quality Setups (ANY FORMAT!)

    Hey! My name is Dustin. I am currently working on my thread design and portfolio but I want to offer my winter sales early and provide configurations on this platform! I am currently doing a winter sale on my products and on my services. Here are some prices below: Configurations...
  2. dominikflorczyk

    Im Looking for the best of the best to build the best

    hey my discord has grown from 100-1000 members in 1 week and we are looking to expand and i need help from whoever to create the best server possible im looking to make a survival/skyblock/uhc or factions network and i need your guys help contact me here on discord for more info: DominikF#9954
  3. ItIsBell

    FABLED FACTIONS - Mordern Factions Setup v1.9.HOTFIX

    TEST THE SERVER YOURSELF: fabledfactions.vahservers.com Support Discord: https://discord.gg/f69Gxpm7jG [/SPOILER] There are currently 2 dungeons within the setup, the Warped and Overgrown. Each is a different level of difficulty with different mobs and loot drops. Currently...
  4. Kappios

    ⭐OG Factions Setup | Custom Enchantments | Monthly Crates | Custom Menus | Clean ⭐

    MANY LIVE SETUPS ON THE SERVER IP: kappios.com Discord: https://discord.kappios.com/ At ServerScale, we offer the most powerful Cloud Instance & Bare-Metal Server Hosting. If you want to buy any resource using Crypto or Stripe, then just open up a ticket in my discord! Buy the resource...
  5. L

    SERVER SETUPS | Any version/Modded servers - Cheap -

    Server Setups I can make customized setups and to your liking at a low price. The setups can be of any version. I can do these types of setups: Skyblock | Oneblock Factions | Survival Hub | Prelobby | Bungeecord Skywars | Bedwars HCF | KitMap KitPvP | FullPvP | ??? Minigames in general Simple...
  6. FrogsLegs

    > Resource Ownership of 2 Faction Setups! [AUCTION]

    > Selling rights to this 2 resources: #1 ▌[*NEW*] ⋙ FACTIONS SETUP ✨ 50% OFF ✨ CHUNKBUSTER ✨ FACTION TOOLS ✨ GENBUCKETS ✨ KOTH ✨ ENVOYS... ✓ > https://www.mc-market.org/resources/17639/ #2 ▌[⋎NEW⋏] ⚔️ FACTIONS SETUP ☄ 50% OFF ☄ CHUNKBUSTER ☄ FACTION TOOLS ☄ GENBUCKETS ☄ KOTH ☄ ENVOYS ⊰✯⊱ >...
  7. peNNNk


    Space Delta Spigot I use a SpaceDelta Spigot from SpaceDevs for a better tnt/sand optimizations For any problem with their spigot you can go on their discord server
  8. Zeiyon

    The Ultimate Factions Setup v1.55

    CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL SHOP Ban Messages Chat Announcements TAB Chat Disclaimer: You will not receive the terrain in the download. You will have to contact me after purchasing, for the terrain.
  9. N

    [DISCOUNT] Factions Core Setup - 5.99 EUR ❉Custom Skills and Stats❉Auction House❉Pets❉Pvp Arena❉More

    This is a core factions setup meaning it has only some limited features that is why its low price such as Factions Core Custom Skills & Stat System : Defence,Strength,Health,Regen,Mana,etc Auction House Unique Pets with abilities Custom Enchants Trade GUI System Pvp Arena Wilderness GUI Crate...
  10. R

    Factions Server Setup 50% off now 5$

    The setup have : Bosses spawn Koth spawn kits Ranks ( you can change plugin ) Crates F top Contact me on Discord MyNameIsZoro#4479
  11. KingOfMars4

    ✅ Cheap And Quick Setups ✅ Factions ✅ FullPvP ✅ RankUP ✅

    Hi, my name is David, im 17 years old and i live in Portugal. I offer good and quick Setups of all the types of servers in any version. The delivery time variates in term of the size of the product, but its usually between 2-7 days. Im also a programmer so if you are interested checkout my...
  12. Catalinertt


    (Use 1080p60fps & WHITE THEME for the best experience) *NEW AND HELPFUL* Tired of searching all the "example" prefixes and links to change? I know that's true.. Now, with this new file included in the setup, you can save up so much time by looking on it and change it all...
  13. xBabo

    ❄️Babo Setups❄️ 20% off | Fully Custom | Professional | Fast service | Cheap Price ❄️

    Babo Setups Hi guys! My name is Babo and I'm kinda new in this industry. I have made multiple Minecraft Network setups, Standalone Minecraft Servers, Discord setups and TeamSpeak setups, like a HCF, Bunkers, Practice, SMP and many more. Dm me for setup requests on discord. Starting Prices...
  14. epiq.shiNNNzu


    All images: Server info: - Autorank - Conquest Chest - Bosses - VoidChest - SellWands - CropHopper - MobHopper - ChunkBusters - SpawnerUpgrades - Factions Upgrades - RandomTP - HarvesterHoe - Custom Enchants - Custom Mob Drops - Custom World - Custom Nether - Custom End - MoneyPouch ..... more...
  15. JaseYT


    <3 FEATURES ▪ Custom menus | More than 5379 lines of custom menus, using base heads, titles, sounds, updating placeholders for factions, timers/placeholders on the main menu, etc... ▪ 6x | Donator ranks and 7x | Staff ranks ▪ 26x | Total kits "including crates stuff, donor kits, etc" ▪...
  16. Proudly

    ❄️ Hytheria Network ❄️ $26,000+ Donations ❄️ Custom Builds ❄️ 800 Member Discord ❄️

    Hytheria Network was the server which I was going to progress with and own myself however due to starting a new year at college, I am struggling to meet the time requirements which would be needed for this project to become successful. Hytheria has huge potential, it is extremely well known in...
  17. Tarun

    Royal Universe Skyblock / Factions ⭐ $4,000+ USD Donations

    Royal Universe was a Skyblock and Factions network, With medieval theme, I have worked on it for more then 2 months to fix all bugs and make it perfect. And i ran the server for some 6 months and got more then 4,000 USD Donations until i got my colleges and i got really busy that's why I am...
  18. Ghast


    This is the ultimate factions setup for any aspiring server or network owner. This setup makes it incredibly easy to configure and launch your server, with 95% of the work being done for you. A plethora of unique and interesting features is bound to keep players on your server for a prolonged...
  19. Sloter

    FACTIONS SETUP | SloterSetups v11.6.7

    Server runs on 1.8.8 ONLY, but allows players from 1.7.X to 1.20.X to join For more info feel free to contact me on MCM or Discord: DISCORD Before leaving negative review contact me first for support dont just give bad review without asking for help previously To-do list Suggest Your Ideas
  20. Sloter

    ✨ ░ Factions ░ ✨ | Bosses | KoTH's | Envoys | Crates | Quests | CE | 1.7 - 1.19 | & MORE

    TEST & BUY HERE For more info feel free to contact me on MCM or Discord: DISCORD BUY HERE SUGGESTED TO BUY ( ShopGui+) ( Printer Mode ) To-do list ▪ Suggest Your Ideas
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