farm hub

  1. Moranguinhu

    Lobby - Farm Island | 300x300 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 300x300 Theme ➔ Medieval Version ➔ 1.12+ Npc Area ➔ True Portal Area ➔ False Map Type ➔ Lobby High Quality ➔ True CONTENT: Crates Store Portal Area LeaderBoard Npc Locations IMPORTANT : Before loading the schematic: /gamerule...
  2. LolShop

    Farm Map | 150x150 v1.0

    MAP INFO Size - 150x150 Version - 1.16+ Download Files .schematics .schem - 1.16+
  3. PixelMine

    Wheat Fields Spawn v1.0

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Gens spawn Can be also used as a survival lobby Size: ≈ not confirmed Version: 1.16.5 ∎ Places for NPCs ∎ Leader board holders ∎ Few structures ∎ Nice terrain and so much more.. Tip: Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees...
  4. BedwarsParty

    Farm Hub 90x90 | Non-exclusive | v1.0

    Feel free to join my discord server where I regularly put out new builds and map giveaways! This Hub is supported by Minecraft Versions 1.8+
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