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  1. jojodmo

    Visual File Editor Edit ANY .yml file using an in-game GUI! MUST HAVE for 1.15! 1.3

    Prior to purchasing this plugin, you must read carefully and accept the Terms of Service and License at the bottom of this page. By purchasing or using this plugin, you are acknowledging that you are the legal age of majority in your country (or have your parent/guardian's express permission)...
  2. makkmarci13

    Pterodactyl [v0.7] Addon - Auto File Remover 1.1

    This is an addon for Pterodactyl Panel [v0.7] Description: Users can add files to will be delete every day / week. Installation: 1. Upload the files (only app, resources and database folder) to /var/www/pterodactyl and overwrite (if you update) the folders. 2. Follow the instructions in: -...
  3. D

    HTML Website Design for $10 to $50

    Hi, my name is Jeshua, I have been a website developer for years. If you need a website designed, I'm the guy! You might be asking, why is it so cheap? Well, I don't really do it for profit, even though it helps keep things running. Below are some pictures of my example website. This is just an...
  4. int_i

    Delete Thread

  5. Turb0

    WTB/Server Files - Setup for Server Complete.

    Hi, I am only New to this website & created my account for the sole purpose of creating this thread. As My Title of this thread says "Want To Buy/ Server Files - Setup for server COMPLETE" It might come to your knowledge that I would like to buy server files. :) I have Owned Many Servers...
  6. hippomonstroses

    Permissions Ex

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