1. limenetwork

    Free plugins for people who produce good ideas

    Hello, you have good plugin ideas but you don't have the budget to have them done? If I like your ideas, I can make them for you for free. You can add me on Discord and leave your discord address as a comment under this topic. Discord: Yusuf#0218
  2. limenetwork

    AdvancedCoin | Customizable Coin Plugin v1.4

    AdvancedCoin is the #1 coin plugin on the market. It has been carefully prepared for your server with its features of different quality. Then, without further ado, let's leave you alone with the amazing features of Advanced Coin. 1.8-1.16.5 Support Unique sounds. Toplist. Virtual and...
  3. Diekieboy

    Practice Arenas | Different Themes v5

  4. limenetwork

    HUB LOBBY - Medieval style for you v2021-04-24

    For custom map, discord:
  5. limenetwork

    Waiting Lobby - Don't Let Players Bored v2021-04-23

  6. limenetwork

    House Pack v5

    For custom map, discord: Firedia#6582
  7. limenetwork

    RaisableStorage | Warehouse Plugin v1.3

  8. limenetwork

    UltraQuest | Premium quest plugin v1.2

  9. K

    Survival & Skyblock Spawn v0.6

    Survival Spawn This amazing survival map is made of 1.8 blocks, suitable for all versions of 1.8 and above.
  10. limenetwork

    Firedia Services | The shining star of 2021.

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