1. Flawws

    [HQ] Factions Spawn | Modern & Simple (CHEAP!!)

    Hey, I'm selling a simple and modern factions spawn for a cheap price since I've had this spawn and I've not used it on any servers it's just sitting there chilling in my schematics. I bought another spawn which is the reason I'm not using it. Price: BIN: $5 Bid increase: $1 TOS: [+] You...
  2. Flawws

    SafronPvP Factions | Requesting YouTubers

    Hello, MCM. My name is Flawws and I am the current owner and founder of SafronPvP. This is a upcoming Factions server ready to take off in around 2 weeks but before we do this we need YouTubers. We've tried to make the game as fun as possible by making it less Pay2Win & adding more features...
  3. Flawws

    [Factions HQ] ShopGUI+ [] Perfect Config [] Free [] Balanced Economy v1.0

    Hello! I'm currently in the making of a Factions server and have made my very own ShopGUI+ config of which I would like to give for free to you guys, making factions great! This ShopGUI+ is fully custom by myself and perfected economy for regular factions. If your looking for a clean config...
  4. Flawws

    [HQ] Simple Hub Setup Server Selector Queue Easy to setup Player Visibility v1.7-1.12

    (Note) This setup was made for myself a while ago but I no longer have a use for it. It worked extremely well on my server and hope it does for you! If you find any bugs for it then please message me and I'll deal with it. (What is included in the setup?) You recieve a hub.jar which supports...
  5. M

    ⌘ Fade // Java Plugins // Efficient // Affordable ⌘

  6. Flawws

    Fade | Minecraft Server Business | Recruiting

    Greetings, MC-Market. Today I have decided to start a new business for Minecraft servers, providing Xenforo Themes, Minecraft Plugins, Server Setups, Builds & Graphics. We will be offering flexible prices to all our clients to suit their needs. - We're offering PAID jobs, keep reading - What...
  7. Flawws


    Hey, I have been developing a server for the past month, finished it but decided not to pursue the server since I felt I would get bored of it after a while and I also do not have the money to spend on it. Fully custom by myself, with 2 weeks of support for any bug fixes and features you would...
  8. Flawws

    HCF Crates Config [0/2 Vouch Copies]

    Hey, so you may be wondering what's so good about my config. 1. Plugin comes with it. 2. Chances are good 3. Unique 4. It's all around good for a HCF server offering crates. 5. It works for 1.7 and 1.8+ $3 For the config -=- Many Thanks Flawws -=-
  9. Flawws

    ClearLagg | Config.yml [0/3 Vouch Copies]

    Hey, today I'm offering a pretty sleek config for ClearLagg for $3. The config is beautifully made as seen in the images below. If you want me to change the colours I can do so to your liking. Many Thanks Flawws
  10. Flawws

    How much would this go for? (Faction spawn + Custom Warzone)

    Title says it all:
  11. Flawws

    (!) SafronPvP // Looking For Youtubers

    Hey, I'm currently developing a Factions server! I'm currently looking for Youtuber's to either upload a trailer or start a series on my server. I'm not looking for someone with inactive subs. All views must be at the range of your sub count e.g. If you have 1k subs your latest video must also...
  12. Flawws

    HCF Builds // 3 Koths' // 1 Custom Nether & End // Budget Price.

    Hey! I previously owned a HCF server and it didn't go as planned and have decided to sell 5 Custom HCF builds which haven't been used anywhere else and they were built by myself & "SharpXII" a friend of mine. What I'm selling: 3 Koths: 1x Nether Koth (Exclusive) 1x Dessert Koth a.k.a District...
  13. Flawws

    Safron Designs | Logos // Banners // Configs

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