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  1. PhoenixMC

    YouTubers and Streamers

    Hello Mc-Market users! My name is KalebGamez and I am the proud owner of PhoenixMC. We are looking to get some YouTubers and Streamers to increase our player-base. We currently cannot pay you, but we are offering the following: Free store credit YouTuber/Streamer Rank & Title Sponsored...
  2. JustACow

    Youtuber with 230+ sub (Free)

    hi im a youtuber with 238 subs and i was looking for a new server to play on and have some fun and im looking for a server with atleast a 10-20 playerbase i will do it for free exchange for a youtuber rank on the server. Anyways if have a decent server that fits the requirements hit me up on...
  3. JustACow

    200 sub Youtuber ( Average 50-70 views)

    Hello im looking to play on some servers with atleast a 15 or above playerbase i am willing to do it for free exchange for keys every episode and a youtuber rank and of course to broadcast or promote my channel on the server. Also please have a good setup server. skype: cow=goldendragon554...
  4. JustACow

    Free Recordings ( Looking For A Kitpvp/Mini-games/Smp/ server)

    Hey everyone i have 200+ subs and im looking to do a staff series on a server its free advertisement all i ask in return is that my youtube channel is broadcaster on the server of some sort and a staff rank so i can catch some hackers youtube link:
  5. Galactic_Wolf


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