free builder

  1. NopeImVox

    Hiring minecraft builders for Dwarven City project (for free)

    Hello, I am Vox. I'm the head of a building project on a Wrynncraft alike server called Azarinth. We have all the things we need to make a Minecraft server except many builders. The current build project is a dwarven city inspired by Moria and Erebor. And I am the head of thus project. I need...
  2. chexmix

    Taking No-Charge Commissions

    I'm currently taking no charge commissions to build up a portfolio and reputation. Please DM me at chexmix#5608 to request a commission or look at some of my references.
  3. RIOT___

    free to low budget quality building

    Greetings, I am an independent builder, I currently have much experience in building and server work but little documentations to show for it, other then a few builds. I am looking for a server that needs an extra hand with building or just needs a few builds done. I am usually willing to work...
  4. K

    Free Builder.

    Hey there, I am Kreaken_ (ign is BigBoiKreaken_). I am a guy who is talented at building. I am good at building houses and little things of the environment as well as making big spawns / improve ones. If i have to build for your server I'd like a 10-15$ voucher just for buycraft. I am lonely so...
  5. RogueBuilder

    Hey hey you you I could build free for you!!!

    Hey Hey you you I could be your builder! Okie, my dudes (and girl dudes). I love building, But I not just love building. I am good at it too! I have been on a build team here another one there. Built on servers been builders for servers. but I mainly do partnerships and self-services, I am...
  6. AnonymousKings

    Free building for small projects

    Hello, I have recently been working with a few small servers on building and have been enjoying it. Because of this I have recently started offering my work for free to get my credibility up in the market. If you would like to hire me for a project private message me on MCM or email my work...
  7. Combinable

    Free Build Help

    Why am i doing it for free? I just have a bunch of time on my hands (i am NOT a build team i am one person) Experience I have help build a mineplex map that got accepted I've worked for AriesTouch Build Team I've Built Chaotic Factions spawn and a bunch of other the that i can't remember the...
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