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  1. WhiteEffect

    🏮 VEOAX 🗜 Free Minecraft Server & Discord Bot & Domain HOSTING! | Our investments are supported by your donations.

    We provide free distribution and hosting of Minecraft Server, Discord Bot Server, Domains, Minecraft AFK Client server and more for our community. After the tasks you do on our site, you earn valuable money called gold, and you can unlock upgrades with this gold. You can earn gold by staying afk...
  2. VampireDD

    5 Gamemodes Network with Free Hosting, Discord, and Website.

    Selling a 5 gamemodes 1 year old network, with website, store, discord server, and hosting included. You will have full ownership, access to all files, etc! The network has 5 gamemodes: 1. Skyblock 2. Survival 3. BattleRoyale 4. GTA 5. Partygames/minigames Server has been reviewed as "the...
  3. Boomer

    FREE WEB HOSTING | Ultraspeedhost

    Hello MCM, Are you looking to start your site but you don't have the budget? No problem we are here to help! Ultraspeedhost offers 100% FREE web hosting with unlimited resources for everyone! To start head on to and signup for a site. How it works: Go to the site and...
  4. Memeory

    Free Discord Bot Hosting. 99.9% Uptime

    Lightbulb Hosting 30+ Clients and 99.99% Uptime Plans Free 50MB Ram 300MB SSD Storage Unmetered CPU Usage Join The Discord For More Info! View our uptime!
  5. SupremeServ

    RapidHost | FREE Minecraft Servers | Free Bots Soon!

    Welcome to RapidHost! RapidHost offers Minecraft Hosting for FREE Each user will get a free 1GB server which is up-gradable with invite rewards, nitro boosts and cash! Starting at $0. (Lifetime Time Offers Happen like: $4/6gb) ️ If you encounter any bugs/issues, please make a ticket by...
  6. SupremeServ


  7. FlipyDyan

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    delete this please, by mistake
  8. J

    Free Host

    Hello. I can host one free server for you. If you are interested with this send me a message on discord The server has 3.5gb ram. Discord : JimKa#6017
  9. Advin


  10. Squidy60

    Free Server | Contact on Discord |

    Hello, i am looking to help a small community to grow their community with a free server! Now as in small community i am willing to help out a server that gets 20-100 players daily. I would also like to help the community by part taking in some sort of rank it can be discussed on discord if...
  11. peeVpee

    FREE hosting for small YouTubers (Sponsorships)

    Hi everyone! If you have an active youtube channel with at least 100 subscribers, you are eligible for a free sponsorship server from You can get a larger server based on subscribers. 100 Subscribers: 512MB Ram Server 500 Subscribers: 1GB Ram Server 1000 Subscribers: 4GB...
  12. S

    SpaceHost ➼➼➼FREE WEB Hosting

    ★ Hello, I would like to introduce SpaceHost to ★ Free Web Hosting: ✔ 2000 MB SSD storage ✔ 100000 MB Data traffic ✔ 25 MySql databases ✔ 25 Email Accounts ✔ 25 Subdomains ✔ 25 Addon Domain ✔ 25 FTP users ✔ Free domain ... ★ Order: ★
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