free server setup

  1. Arfn

    I will setup free servers for you [Survival and Skyblock]

    Add me on discord and we can talk there Xestria#0002
  2. Rickyrios1804


    Introduction Hello my name is Ricky and I am offering my spare time on developing peoples server for absolutely free. If you want me to develop your server message me on discord at Rickyrios1805#4233 or just start a conversation with me. Once i fully develop your server I would appreciate it...
  3. D

    WhiteSasch's FREE Basic Minecraft Server setups®

    WhiteSasch's FREE Basic Minecraft Server setups® What? I am creating a FREE Minecraft Server for you, either on Multicraft, Windows (VPS/Dedicated) and Linux (VPS/Dedicated). I am not offering FREE servers, I only set them up on your existing system. I also don't create a spawn, or something...
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