free setup

  1. Zalbus

    FREE Lobby Setup | Voxel Studios v1.0

  2. Arfn

    I Want to create a minecraft server with someone

    Anyone wanna create minecraft server with me.Im good at server setup and configs.(Want to mange only 1 server) I can show demo if needed Hit me: Discord: Jassson#6165
  3. ArrowTan

    Looking for volunteers to play some mc games so I can record the gameplay | in exchange you get a license to the resources we did the gameplay on

    Hey all! I haven't really been able to get many sales from my resources so I've decided to record the gameplay and upload it on youtube as there might be chance of them checking out my servers! Sadly a few of my resources need more than 1 players to showcase so I'm currently looking for...
  4. YouSeeMeRunning

    Ultimate Skyblock Setup v1.0.1

    AMAZING QUALITY SKYBLOCK SETUP This setup was created on paper spigot 1.16.5 (Java 16) This setup was made with a map length of 2 weeks to 3 weeks in mind. This setup contains the basic stuff required to run a skyblock server. This setup should not be seen as a final server setup. All...
  5. dadenklo522


    Motd Playercounter Rank Setup Teleporter Extras (Effects,Skulls,Wardrobe) Tablist Nickhider ∴ SUPPORT∴ If you want any feature for me to add to the setup just send it in the discussion or if you want message me on discord! GodlyFishy#9969
  6. Arfn

    Compact setup.Doing free (0/15) HQ setup for vouches.

    Compact setup will offer you 15 free setup.If you want to see the portfolio and the rest of the method then join the server below. Just create a ticket in discord and make sure to give your setup details. DISCORD LINK:
  7. D


  8. Diekieboy


  9. Nerox Art

    】Discord Setups - 100% Server Setup - ONLY 10 FIRST】

    Hi, I'm here to offer you my discord server setup service ! You can contact me on discord to get yours... Discord : Yan L.#9010 My Server [In Dev] : You will get paid plugins, mini-game system, invite reward system, complete design, anything you want me to do, 15-20 ranks, I...
  10. PrayingMantis


    My Discord: Strikes#5547
  11. Patouraki

    [Discord] Stop BUYING Setups! // Free Setups

    I cannot understand-- not why people charge for something that can be done with no charge at all-- but why there are still people that buy their "packages". Hello everyone, I am Patouraki and I am no different than the ordinary online guy you met yesterday in that voice channel (you know very...
  12. D

    WhiteSasch's FREE Basic Minecraft Server setups®

    WhiteSasch's FREE Basic Minecraft Server setups® What? I am creating a FREE Minecraft Server for you, either on Multicraft, Windows (VPS/Dedicated) and Linux (VPS/Dedicated). I am not offering FREE servers, I only set them up on your existing system. I also don't create a spawn, or something...
  13. TheGreatScrubini

    Free Pre-Made Faction Setup: All I ask is for a vouch :D

    Video of the server: Version: 1.8.9 Plugins: (14) Group Manager - Permissions and Ranks CustomShop - Shop Cratesplus - Crates Essentials - Commands, Warps, Permissions, Motd etc Essentials Chat - Chat Essentials Spawn- Spawn Chat Control - Chat Management Factions and Massive Core - Factions...
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