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free setups

  1. Tide Development

    Tide Development [Server Setups/Plugin Config]

    We are currently recruiting members to get free server's developed by our server setup team. You will get a discount on all of our servers and, you'll get a reward. If you do not like your service you may contact FrostyDev#0001, and he'll fix your server. How to get a free server? Go to #tickets...
  2. dadenklo522

    BUNGEE + LOBBY SETUP FREE /lobby Antibot Anticrash Rank Setup AntiVPN ... 1.1

    Motd Playercounter Rank Setup Teleporter Extras (Effects,Skulls,Wardrobe) Tablist Nickhider ∴ SUPPORT∴ If you want any feature for me to add to the setup just send it in the discussion or if you want message me on discord! GodlyFishy#0494
  3. EncryptedSystem

    ⭐Discord Servers Setups | Quality | Comfort | Free ⭐

    Website : Discord : Omar.#0001 NOTE : It will be temporarily free, to gain more experience working with the public
  4. T


    ✨ Tena Setups ✨ About. Hi, Tena is a brand new project! What is Tena? Tena is a community that helps people. And that all for free. Our Team will always help you with your problems or questions! Offers. [/SPOILER] Terms. Contact.
  5. Bigdcobia

    Custom Discord Setup's

    Hello MCM, I am offering experienced custom discord setups. I previously did free one's but after all of the vouches I received, I am now willing to do my job to the full extent. I am opening a setups shop, if you join this discord please tell me you have made a server application and I will get...
  6. SlyeBlue

    ⚒ Free Server Setups ⚒

    Hello, recently I’ve been looking for some work to do and i’ve decided to help out other people who don’t have time or just need something done quickly. I am offering free discord setups. Details: - 30-60 minutes - Custom Roles* - Custom Channels* - Custom Emojis* - Professional - Most...
  7. B

    Setuprixa I support I HQ setups I

  8. WildManOfPisgah

    WhyLego's Free Configuration Shop

    Hello MC-Market today I am offering my free setups for Vouches so I can get a better rep on here so I can sell my configs and be a person you can trust to get the job done. As of now with the Free setups I want to build a portfolio of all the setups I do to show what I can offer. All in all I...
  9. aag4

    Free Setup for Vouches? Which one? Comment

    Hey there MCM Community! I was thinking if I should make a free setup of some gameplay in exchange for Vouches? If you'd like to see it, comment which one. Once I get enough responces I will decide which gameplay I'll be setting up. Have a nice day ^^
  10. MrDerek

    UnthinkableSetups! // 0/3 Free Setups For Vouchs! // UnthinkableSetups!

    Hello there im doing free setups to build up my rep and help me get more known/trusted. basically i will just setup up your server for free in exchange for a vouch. Things You Get! Factions Kits A factions Downloaded Spawn [Inless You Have One] Warzones And Safezones Donor Ranks Staff Ranks...
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