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free vouch

  1. KoolKex

    LuxisDesigns [Website Designer] [Free Vouches]

    MY WEBSITE Any tips or tricks from any fellow designer would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I'm currently offering vouches to get started (As I stopped for a while), and to prove to people that I can make website designs and that I don't want to scam anyone :p
  2. M

    I Need a PLUGIN

    Hello! I'm currently in need of a plugin that creates a simple GUI for staff. For Example, you do /helper and you get these commands /tempban /mute /kick, jr. mod /freeze /tempban /mute /kick, sr. mod /ban /freeze /tempban /mute /kick /gmc and admin everything. I will give you a vouch if you...
  3. M

    BungeeCording HELP

    Hello, I need help on our server network. We have a 'network' in the making and have 2 servers and need help bungee cording them. One is a factions one and one is a hub. I do not think I can pay money but I could vouch you? Please somebody who can help me. Add me on skype - prem.bhoot...
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