free website

  1. KASUN

    SimpleWebsite - FREE v1.0.0

    GITHUB | WIKI | DISCORD | TRELLO | DONATE Features Host Website in Minecraft Server For Free Html, CSS, javaScript Support Rich Web Api Display any PlaceholderAPI Placholder Values in Your Website Fast and Secure Low Resource Usage Highly Customizable Connect Domain SSL Encryption...
  2. apennoot

    FREE complete server setup|website|discord|bungeecord|

    Hello, I will setup a minecraft server network for you complete and ready to go. Completed with all the things you will need to make your network sucsesfull. AND ALL THAD FOR FREE! What i will do: - bungeecord server - lobby server - gamemode server (skyblock, survival, factions...) - (can...
  3. HWP

    Responsive Portal/Personal Page v1.0

    In celebration with the new month and COVID-19 I releasing an all in one package for portal/personal page. This page includes: An animated typewriter effect under name. Easy labeled css/html. Background made by me! Live Preview: Need help? If you have any...
  4. RyanTheRyan

    FREE Web Designs (Front End) OR $7 Custom Crafting Store Theme

    Hello! I am offering a 2-page simple website (Front end only) For FREE to build my portfolio. Currently, have the following recourses as my examples MyMcWeb: (IS mobile friendly) My Portfolio: (Not yet mobile...
  5. 12Cole

    Free website

    Hey mcm! I was wondering if anybody would be willing to make me a free website for a project I’m working on! If it’s possible please pm me! It would be greatly appreciated! :)
  6. Tom Croft

    Parrot Hosting - MONTHLY GIVEAWAY

    Our monthly Giveaway is happening, if you want to enter, join the Parrot Hosting Discord. Our giveaway bot will pick a winner Next Week! We are giving away: • 1 x 1 Month of Unlimited Hosting • 2 x 1 Month of Tier 2 Hosting
  7. D

    Free Web Design

    Anyone here want a free website, either it be a Minecraft server website, or really anything, I’ll do it. Just PM me if interested and like this post! Also if you could do me a favor and enter in this t would help! Thanks! PM me! GiveAway:
  8. Azure Development

    Neat Portfolio website template [Can be customized]

    Hello there, this is the first thread of Azure Development. Azure will share cool website templates for every business out there, from Minecraft server portals to Hosting websites. This first one is a simple and neat website to showcase someones portfolio. Link to website images...
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