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freebuilds vouch builds

  1. S


    I am returning back to Minecraft after not playing for almost a year now. I am trying to get some rep by offering free builds and in return for a Vouch. I am offering only certain people with 5+ rep. This will help me rebuild my portfolio which I do not have anymore since I have gotten a new...
  2. S

    Doing Builds for Vouch copies

    I am doing free builds for a few vouch copies, maybe around 2-3. I will only do structures 50x50 or below. comment or just PM me if you are interested.
  3. aSethyy

    Builds for Vouch copies!

    TESTONIC Hello, I am offering free builds for vouch copies in return. These builds cannot be bigger than a 100 x 100 build and needs to be realistic for a free build. I am looking for 5 vouch copies and will start to charge after the 5th clients build is complete. Some work Iv done today for a...
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