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freeze plugin

  1. ItsEatHam

    SSFreeze | ScreenShare Optimized | 1.7 ~ 1.12 | 1.2

    What is the term "Freezing" in Minecraft? Freeze is used by Staff Members to stop Cheaters by "Freezeing" them. When a player is frozen in game, it stops them from moving / interacting with everything around them, for example damaging other players or breaking / placing blocks. Most commonly a...
  2. B

    Looking for staff plugin/freeze plugin, anti cheat

    Hi there I'm looking for some cheap but usefull plugins like staff plugin, freeze plugin and anti cheat. Leave some comments down below if you got any for sale. If you want to contact me. Discord: Befus#1162
  3. Geek1243

    (currently broken) Freeze- Like arcane's freeze screen- essential for any server 4.0

    (unfortunaly my web dev had betrayed me and my plugin auth servers have gone down, i will release a fixed version soon (11/13/18 ~Geek1243) Plugin Info Freeze is a basic freeze plugin that when the proper command is preformed, The targeted rule breaker will be frozen and will receive a message...
  4. Jaimexo

    FreezePlayer [FREE] 1.1

    Commands: /freeze <player> Permissions: freeze.use 1. Easy setup 2. Only command 3. Only permission 4. 0% Lagg In next updates: Sound selection
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