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  1. Sylvain

    [1.13+] AdvancedFurnace 1.1.4

    This plugin allows you to instantly cook the item in your hand using the /smelt command. advancedfurnace.use advancedfurnace.admin /smelt - Cook the item in your hand; advancedfurnace.use /smeltall - Cook all the items in your inventory; advancedfurnace.use /af reload - Reload the plugin...
  2. Rhos

    Vector Block Icons 2020-03-11

    Icons for use anywhere and everywhere! Buycraft, server icons, merch, it's all good - these are free to use in any way you want. Upon downloading you'll receive .png files of all of the above, as well as a version of each scaled-up to 4x. I've also included the Illustrator file so you can...
  3. Mylogo

    CampFire - Create and Cook on campfires anywhere! 1.0

    SUPPORTED VERSIONS: 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 (1.8 cannot be supported because it does not support many ArmorStand heads) CampFire enables you too create campfires anywhere. Just right click on the ground using sticks to create a fire pit. The campfire is represented using ArmorStands. Therefore no...
  4. KazukiSenpai

    [Free]Kazuki's Advanced Furnace Model w/ Download

    Hello! I made an Advanced Furnace Model Download Link: ____ Features: Slabs (Can be turned On/Off and Movable) - Slabs are trays Fire - Adjustable Fire Intensity and Fire Radius Fire lights Realistic Model...
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