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  1. LGBTSafeplace

    LGBTSafePlace [Staff needed!]

    [Disclamer: There is no more NSFW content because I found out it is against the TOS, please do not re-post the same things people have already said, I have fixed the issue! The only thing you will encounter is cursing.] Hello. I am looking for staff, moderators, developers, helpers, and a...
  2. LGBTSafeplace

    Looking for LGBTQ+ Minecraft server re-brand

    I have recently started a small LGBTQ+ Minecraft server. It was supposed to be small at first but I want it to grow. What I need is a complete re-brand. A new name, a new logo, help with advertising, and possibly a banner. -LittleChami Discord: LittleChami#7658
  3. Imako Dankel

    Imako Dankel Furry commissions /10$-30$ depending on what you want

    Do you need help to make your character or need cheap art ? Come add me on discord (Imako Dankel#1019) and tell me what you want ^_^ Just tell me your ideas and I will try my best to satisfy you ^_^
  4. Aobae

    Aobae's Art Shop

    Hello all! I'm Aobae or JinxIsHere, i'm a furry and human artist originating from Instagram and I have now moved to various social media and here is one of them. I'm happy to set up shop here since I'd like to get my art out there as much as possible! Here is a link to my art gallery for...
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