1. tomimza

    Config | GadgetsMenu | ES | Last Version v1.4

    This is not a plugin, it is a plugin configuration. This amazing setup is totally original, professional and stylish. Like all my configurations, I always try to make it look professional when used on a server or network. Any problem or inconvenience do not give a bad review, contact me via...
  2. SMarc

    GadgetsMenu Config EN/ES v1.1

    NO ES UN PLUGIN/THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN This configuration is done in 1.17.1 if you use 1.8 you must pass the translation since the IDs of blocks etc are not the same. It only supports this configuration 1.13 to 1.19 This configuration includes x12 different GadgetsMenu colors. It also includes...
  3. NicazoPM

    Super Lobby Setup - Beta v1.0

    This is a Setup which includes Lobby. Setup is by default in online-mode which means that only players using premium account can join. (If you want to disable it, go to the "Server.propietaries" section, look for the text that says "online-mode" and set it to "false") Video: 12+ Global Ranks...

    Ultra Lobby Setup v12.1-Summer

    1.19 & 1.20 UPDATED! 70% OFF! LOWEST PRICE EVER ⚡ULTRA LOBBY / HUB SETUP ⚡ This is a lobby / hub setup for professional and servers, best rated on MCM at this price, with gadgets, pets, perks, easter eggs hunt, particles, player hider, daily rewards, vip rewards, mystery boxes, lobby and...
  5. RDev_

    Cosmetics Treasure | [1.10 - 1.14] | 1.14 Support! v2.7.2

    CosmeticsTreasure is the perfect Hub gadgets/cosmetics resource to your Server! this plugin is one of the best, made before 3-4 years ago by me! in those 3 years i kept update this plugin and now it's officially on Spigot! CosmeticsTreasure has many unique gadgets and things that you have never...
  6. MagicAngel

    Innovation - Unique Gadget Hub in the world - Drawing - Disegno v1.5

    Unique gadget Hub invented by me This is the gadget: Feautures: 1.8.x to 1.13.x support Draw with 8 different colors Rubber Clean Sheet Save Drawing Share Drawing with friends Very High Customization 2 Premaded translation files (ENG, ITA) custom command (Default: /drawing...
  7. P

    < SimpleGadgets Plugin > Pro Messages v1.0

    This is a file that you need to put in at Plugins Folder > SimpleGadgets < In there replace the language.yml It will add pro messages to the plugin.
  8. Marius


    ProjectilesTrails by Marius ProjectilesTrails is a plugin that allows players to have particle effects trail from their arrows and snowballs. NEW: Particles on SNOWBALLS (this particles are per player): NEW: You can create your custom trail for arrow CustomTrail: Name: '&5Custom...
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