1. Peona

    🎨 Minecraft Server Logo - CoralHaven

    :cool: Hello guys. Today I will introduce you the Minecraft logo that I specially designed for the CoralHaven server. I would appreciate it if you would let me know your opinion about the logo. Theme : Sea Construction Time: 2 Days
  2. daveey

    Selling Discord AD's on a 90k Active Discord Server ( Chatting & Gaming )

    Hey, I'm selling Discord Advertisements on a 90k active discord server, if you're interested message me on-site or add me on discord dejv#1234. server is really active, it has over 90k discord members, and 30k+ messages on a daily basis. For more info, message me on-site or add me on discord...
  3. Yaboyi828dh

    Dyrix Esports

    Today I'll be selling Dyrix Esports. Dyrix Esports is a Esports Organization that is focused on fortnite but was in Valorant & Warzone. This team is for sale because I blasted 400$ and now I am in debt. Its an amazing time to purchase Divine as we are currently in quarantine / going into winter...
  4. kijirama

    HAND DRAWN Icons/Logos/Banners- High Resolutions!

    ^Hello there!! My name is kijirama and to put it simple, I draw stuff :D ^DM on: -Discord: kijirama#2209 ^ -Instagram: instagram.com/kijirama (you can check some of my work here) ^Payment through paypal (Prices between 3-10 usd , depending on the artwork you need) ^I cannot wait to...
  5. xDepresy


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.-. GCommunity .-.- 1) - Good community 2) - Free & premium ranks 3) - Unlimited voice lounges 3) - Music bots & custom commands...