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  1. Nik2143

    CustomGapple 2.0

    CustomGapple allow to create golden apples with all supported minecraft effects Features ✔ Allow to create custom golden apples ✔ A gui to choose effects to add ✔ Compatibility with 1.8.x-1.17.x ✔ Developers API Commands /customgapple Open gui to create custom golden apples Permissions...
  2. V 19132

    A PvP practice server for Minecraft Broken Edition! We have PvP Bots to duel! and several FFA maps, some for all devices, and some pocket edition only! We also have minigames like Skywars and Parkour. We have different ladders for ranked and unranked 1v1s, parties and spectating. We also...
  3. F

    Gapple Network [Custom] [Military Theme] [Save $720]

    Selling my unreleased Factions server which I invested $1520 into. Here is a document that you can refer to for all of the details about the purchase: Live server: Buycraft page...
  4. Dori

    SuperGappleRepair 1.0

    Always wanted to craft SuperGapples on 1.9+? Now you can!! This plugin let you craft SuperGapple on servers using 1.9+ version too. Check this plugin out and let me know if you want me to add a permission node to craft SuperGapple. If you have any other ideas for this plugin (or maybe for...
  5. Bandz

    ★ Gapple Factions Sever Setup [HQ] ★ Selling: $100 ★ Check it out! ★

    Hello MC-Market Users! Today I will be showcasing/selling a faction server setup that was made for VysticPvP [Map 1]. A little bit of background information about VysticPvP [Map 1], it was a gapple-pvp based faction server with many unique features and custom builds. It was also a not...
  6. AnIGN

    AnIGN 500+ subs 5.4k Views 5/24/16

    Hey guys I'm making this video to advertise my server If anyone needs people to record on their servers. I'm mainly into Factions and potion pvp, but if you have a gamemode similar then I am down! I'm looking to be paid about $5 a video and get raises as I grow more (willing to bargain)...
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