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  1. hogostudios

    EMAIL MARKETING - save every old player 3.0

    DESCRIPTION 👇👇👇 Plugin was created for our server so that we could have contact information from each player! It helped the server a lot because when you have contact with each player, you can only return the old players by e-mail if you are doing email marketing for your server Keep the...
  2. Zorino

    Mail2Discord | Corebot Addon 1

    If you have any issues with this resource, please contact me @ This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here Features/Commands: SMTP Mail Send mail to...
  3. Dead4Now

    Python Email Sender (GMAIL) 1.0

    Welcome to my Python Email Sender (GMAIL). THIS RESOURCE IS FREE! NO GUARANTEED SUPPORT IS OFFERED. This allows you to input both your gmail email and your password to then send emails to anyone across the world. SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR INFORMATION. VIDEO: It automatically attaches an...
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