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  1. Kryth (Premium) Make an Offer

    Seriously considering mid-high $xxx.xx for this domain. Contains the word "Bug" + letter "V". It's really one of those domains that could be used for literally anything which makes it so great. Very brandable. If you're a rich server owner you could even just use it for something like...
  2. HomelessBoi (Send me an offer)

    Hey, This was the domain I was using for my old minecraft server but I no longer need it as I dont do the server anymore. Not looking for much so just shoot me an offer DISCORD: HomelessBoi#1738 The domain was purchased on godaddy
  3. Sean G. Domain

    Information: Must have a GoDaddy account to transfer the domain to. Expires: 12 August 2018 BIN: $10.00 USD Starting Bid: $5.00 USD Bidding Ends 1 January 2018
  4. CreepinFire

    Popular Domain Names ( and for Biding/Auction

    Today I am auctioning off two (2) domains, these are very popular names that many players will recognize: and Pm me or reply your offer if you are interested IMPORTANT NOTE: This Auctions Biding will take place from now until 7/30/2017 The winning bidder will have 24...
  5. GlitchDesigns | GoDaddy | Expires on October

    Hello Guys, So this domain was used recently on my previous server. We decided to change the name. So this domain is available for sale. I can transfer this to another domain registrar. I sell this around for $5 - $7. Hit me up a PM if you want this
  6. Keniisu | GoDaddy |

    Selling with GoDaddy which pretty much is a Pokemon GO News Domain and is pretty OG as it's original and has no characters out of place. Starting Price is $5.00. Accepting the highest offer around tomorrow or Wednesday, but the BIN is $35.
  7. Klanx (With Logo)

    Hey Everyone, I'm selling a server domain with the graphics included! Right now the domain has a good reputation. The reason I'm selling it is to just to have some extra benjamins in my bank account. :p Domain expires in 4 months. Proof of ownership below! Here are the graphics Main Logo...
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