1. TrooperC1

    Godly Mines | Staff needed

    Hello MCMarket! Godly Mines is currently going through a mass recruitment stage, we are looking for dedicated and hardworking induvial with a positive mind set. What Godly Mines has to offer Godly Mines is a Skyblock server with quests and adventures that you can complete to earn cool cosmetics...
  2. Kerbyy

    CrankMC.COM | Looking for youtubers \ Media Owners

    Hello MCM, My name is kerbyy AKA the owner of CrankMC and we are currently looking for media owners and other youtubers that could advertise the server and embrace our server we are looking for any one with more than 100 subs and will be willing to offer them youtuber rank or famous rank...
  3. Jayson


    Moved to http://www.mc-market.org/threads/135147/
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