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golden apple

  1. Nik2143

    CustomGapple 2.0

    CustomGapple allow to create golden apples with all supported minecraft effects Features ✔ Allow to create custom golden apples ✔ A gui to choose effects to add ✔ Compatibility with 1.8.x-1.17.x ✔ Developers API Commands /customgapple Open gui to create custom golden apples Permissions...
  2. aviv

    Small plugin for vouch

    Hello MCM, I need a plugin and I'm willing to give rep/vouch copy and I think its a small plugin and I need it for my Factions server. plugin name: NoGoldenApple Description: just delete the option to craft and find enchanted golden apple on 1.8
  3. The Golden Apple

    Hello, MC Market!

    Hello everyone, I am The Golden Apple or BoyBoy8810, 18 years old and I am a Professional Terraformer and Builder. I'm not very new here anymore I think, I have been on the forums here for two weeks now. Some of you may already know me, most of you wont. In those two weeks Ive already been in...
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