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gui menus

  1. FlaresDevelopment

    Flare Panels 1.1.5

    Easy and simple to use Flare Panels is configurable and customizable, all our other plugins will work with it perfectly, you can use their items in this plugin. You can use this to create different menu types. We have different systems with which you can create a simple and beautiful design...
  2. Meoow

    AxolotlPixels - Pixel Art of all sorts - Now Open!

    Hey Y'all! I'm proud to announce one of the projects I've been working on for a while, AxolotlPixels! We offer all sorts of pixel art, including but not limited to: - GUI menus, escape menus, Skins, Rank tags, Emojis, Banners, Profile Pictures, and anything else related to pixels! - We also...
  3. Axmon

    WardrobePLUS GUI Plugin to upload skins A.4

    AFTER BUYING THIS PRODUCT, YOU'LL GET ACCESS TO A RESOURCE-PACK AND THE PLUGIN ITSELF! Please read the dependencies before buying this product. Why use this plugin? Well, in simple words, this plugin gives you every opportunity to make your server more engaging, immersive and advanced. You can...
  4. Voltairoll

    Modern Custom GUI | Video Tutorial 1.0

    A set of 19 (x3) Modern Custom GUI's Compatible with Oraxen or any other plugin that uses a resource pack. Includes Oraxen configuration file (Drag & Drop) All 19 presets come in sizes of 27, 45 and 54 If you have a problem or a request, add me on discord : Volt#5265 I have plans that...
  5. Niccckk

    TEAL HUB | Redefining the Hub 1.5.1

    One of the shining features of Teal Hub is the custom GUIs. For each important action, such as a server selector, the player will be greeted with a completely custom menu! Each menu is completely functional, and will really make your server hub stand out from the rest. Completely custom...
  6. Spaceley

    Shop config DeluxeMenus and ItemManager 1.0.2

    A simple and clean GUI Shop made with DeluxeMenus and ItemManager, Simply drag and drop in your plugin folders and its ready to be used by your players! This setup is for Minecraft version: 1.16 You need DeluxeMenus and ItemManager for this setup to work. (which are free) Support is provided...
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